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ROOF LAB INFRA PVT LTD is a leading turnkey solution provider for all the roofing, cladding, facades, ceiling and sun shading systems Roofing contractor having head office in Pune and branch office in Mumbai, Nagpur & Kolhapur. It provides the very best solutions for business, commercial and hospitality industries using the latest technology for roof installation. Our passion for doing things best and quality consciousness makes us able to provide superior service for all your industrial, residential and commercial needs. we have worked tirelessly to earn our reputation for our quality roofing services. The objective of company is to bridge the gap of specific requirement of customer, by providing them affordable excellence in roof installation and service.  

Our aim is to providing roofing product and services to our customer, weather proof peace of mind solution in metal building with quality workmanship done right at the first time. which makes us to stand upfront in the queue for efficient, economic and affordable roofing and cladding service providers.

Roof Lab provides turnkey solution to customers with the help of dedicated design team, well trained projects expertise and technical professionals. ROOF LAB INFRA PVT LTD is accredited roofing contractor of GEOMETRIC STEELS a leading manufacturer of colour coated metal roofing sheets.

Roofing installation

Roof Lab Infra Pvt Ltd is leading turnkey service provider of Industrial, Commercial & Residence roofing solution. we provide complete one window solution from design to supply of Roofing material and Installation of roofing, cladding & flashing.


Removing of old A.C Sheets is difficult job it requires skill and experience labours to understand the type of job & required safety rooflab infra has great experience in re installation of roof sheet.It has reputed client list for which it has completed sucessful such project.


Gutter system is one of the most crusal part of Industrial Roofing. If not done correctly in first go. It will be permanent headache for maintenance. Rooflab Infra provides a variety of Gutter system as per requirement. Rooflab Infra is only company that can provide 5-meter single length, gutter in  flexible material and design from point 0.50 mm to 3.00 mm thickness this feature reduce 50% of laps and thus reduce chances of leakage.

Turbo Ventilator

Turbo Ventilator are the most important  part of industrial air circulation which help people work more vital and alive. Sycological satisfing turbo are available in the market but they are of no use when it come to ventilation system. we supply verticle angle adjestable turbo which has longer working life in low wind area also.

Sky Light

The system is installed in such a way that the light guidance compound og the system is Airlight. This is the necessary to prevent dust from entering the tube to ensure reflectivity is maintained.

Daylighting system to be installed on variable-angle elbow to counter roof slope and to ensure daylight tube to remain perpendicular to ground. The complete assembly to be installed on FRP Base of profile which will match roofing sheet. All installation to be done by cutting hole of maximum 675 mm diameter on roof and placing FRP base above this hole.

Double Skin Roofing

Double skin metal  roof is a high-performance roofing system comprising of 2 metal roof sheets aligning parallel, One on  top and the other at the bottom. The metal can be Steel, Aluminum, Colour Coated Galvnise, Galvalume, Colour Coated Galvalume.

Roofing Accessories

Apron,Bottom Flashing,Closer Cap,Eaves Flashing,Reverse Corner,Corner,Monitor,Facia.

Single Skin Roofing

Single skin metal roof uses only 1 metal roof sheet and is designed to provide an economical solution, normally used in applications where performance demands are moderate. Insulation for single skin metal roof is installed below the metal roof sheet held by aluminum foil and steel wire mesh rolled over purlins.


Industrial louvers serve a critical need to allow air flow through openings in buildings while rejecting unwanted elements such as water and airborne debris. While the concept is simple, selecting the right product for the application is important to meeting performance needs Louvers can also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of buildings by creating sight-proof 

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